Chili Pur Habanero "Red Savina", gemahlen

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Chili Pur Habanero "Red Savina", gemahlen

Chili Pur Habanero "Red Savina", gemahlen

Of all the different typs of Habanero the Red Savina has definitely got to be the most famous. The fruits are well known for their strong red colour, the intense heat level and the full fruity aroma.

Pfefferhaus Red Savina Habaneros have been carefully dried in a slow process to match the highest levels of quality. Aroma and heat level are even intense when just using small amounts; so we recommend being careful the first time you use this product.

The Red Savina can thank its prominence to the fact that for a while it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the hottest chili in the world with a peak at 577.000 scoville units. This often quoted number although could actually never really be confirmed. To bring clarity into this situation in 2005 the Chili
.Pepper Institut of the New Mexico State University caried out new studies and declared an average Red Savina chili to have around 250.000 scoville units.

Content: 35g
100g equivalent to 14,00€


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