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Latin term: Crocus sativus

Origin: Spain

Aroma and taste: Very intense, sweet and slightly bitter
Tip: If you soften the saffron strings in warm water you will get a bright orange-red stock which added to your dish will result in a strong colouring effect. The later you add the stock the more aroma will be given to your dish.

Use: Rice dishes, fish, white meat, dark sauces, stews, vegetables, christmas bisquits, jelly and cremes.

Interesting history: Due to the very costly method of hand picking the tiny strings off the buds of the plant and having to carefully dry them over an open fire saffron is the most expensive spice worldwide.
The original origin of saffron still is not 100% certain. Although one can be pretty sure that the spice was carried over to southern and cetral europe from asia. The slightly bitter touch of saffron is an indicator for its appetising properties.

Content: 125mg
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